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When she and Nicholas meet, Lara knows she has found her soulmate; so has Nicholas, but trust of another person is something she has learned first hand to never do. Lust, lust nuned more lust to the infinite degree when sex machine Kelsey meets the one who has a permanent hard on for her. The police find her name and number on the victim so coupled with her reporting the body she becomes a person of interest. The story line is cleverly devised so that this exciting tale can be read by as a stand alone, but for saga fans adds depth to the overall "super" plot. Inshe was ranked 8 in Stuff magazine's " Sexiest Women in the World".

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Doyle becomes a waitress in her brother's bar. When she goes over to nnde she presoey inside a corpse. The heroine makes this erotic romance work because she offers no apologies for her loose behavior yet in site of hopping from man to man, Kelsey still dreams of meeting a man who will love her. She knows only one way to do so; go after him. Vincenzo de Bruce and his mentor Abramo fail n their attempt to kill them.

Nunde Jamie presley

Erotic romance fans will enjoy this wild sex SWAP. She did not realize when she accepted her mantle was the bipolar lifestyle swings between extreme boredom and extreme adrenaline. She turns to the more honest animals to help her investigate how Hugh died. Although the world wants Breanne dead, Clare has to figure out who is willing to actually kill her.

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